Calling a spade a spade – Body Composition Scan

Time to get my full body scan done at BodyComp.  I had one done 20 months ago as part of a similar process, which came to no great outcome.

The following is the comparison from then to now:

Total Body mass March 2012 November 2013 Change
Mass 223.7lbs 231.4lbs 7.7lbs
Fat 91.8lbs 102.9lbs 11.1lbs
Lean 125.5lbs 122.1lbs -3.4lbs
% fat 41% 44.5% 3.3%

Their recommendations:

  • Keep a diet diary, to see where my calories are coming from
  • Try to eat a ratio of 30% protein, 20% carbs, and 50% good fats
  • Keep to a daily limit of 2000 calories, according to the amount of exercise that I do in a week.

In the last 18 months I have ridden my bike from Seattle to Portland in one day (a 16 hour 200 mile effort that had me clocking countless hours on the bike in training), and I rode my third Whistler Granfondo 120km bike ride (from Vancouver to Whistler) in 6.5 hours, a winter of weekly spin classes and 8 months of at least one a week Crossfit workouts.

I was not entirely surprised at my numbers… I felt stronger and faster.  And when people would say the weight gain is muscle, as it weighs more that fat , I really wanted to believe.

The truth is it was not muscle, I am gaining fat… I run, bike swim, lift weights… and still nothing.  It is very frustrating!!!!


It is not your fault

I met Anthony at the doctor’s office for the initial visit.  We discussed what brought me to here, and as I spoke of the struggles I have had with my weight, I was overcome with tears.  We discussed the training I’ve done: long distance cycling, boot camps, personal trainers, cross fit…

He leaned in to say, “It is not your fault.  We do not know what is happening.  There is an epidemic of obesity, and we are at a loss.”  In that moment, I was relieved to know that I would not be told to eat less and move more.  That there was something worth investigating.

This visit got the ball rolling on getting the necessary tests done.

I had the following tests done:

Test Result Normal Range
Glucose Fasting 4.3 3.3-5.5 mmol/L
TSH 1.3 .27-4.2 mU/L
T4 Free 16.8 10.5-20.0 pmol/L
T3 Free 5.1 3.5-6.5 pmol/L
C Reactive Protein 4 < 5.0 mg/L
25-Hydroxyvitamin D 69 75-150 nmol/L
Ferritin 18 15-180 ug/L

I await a follow up.

For the love of Bike

I heard about the Whistler Granfondo in January 2010 from a customer.  It sounded like fun: riding 120km up a mountain to Whistler.  At the time a had ridden a maximum of 40km on a commuter bike and I thought, “how hard could 3 times that be?”  I signed up, trained for a few months on a commuter bike, and then bought my first road bike and trained some more.

It took me 7 hours 10 min to complete in September 2010… I cried when I crossed the finish line 🙂 I knew this was something I would continue to do!

I love my bike!  I named her “Hawthorn”.

How it begins (the long story)

And it Begins!

Today was my first official visit with Anthony. We met at the Tao Restaurant in North Vancouver over a great warm cup of coconut milk chai. I have known Anthony for many years, watching him guide clients to better health. I knew that the day would come when I would call on him… I knew that when that day would come, I would be ready for whatever he told me to do. We discussed many health things, family history and my health history, then we got down to why am I here.

I have important years ahead of me… my bone density is at the best it will ever be, fertility is slowing down, the 40’s will bring on the next chapter of life changes… and I want to be prepared. I know that something is not working as it should… I can feel it. Despite being an active person, I know that being overweight comes with its own list of health concerns: Diabetes, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Depression, Infertility to name a few.

This is my story of asking for help. After years of going it alone, I have a team of support to guide me through the Medical Health system, the Natural health system, a Triathlete Coach, and a community of friends and family.

For this I thank you!