How to lose yourself at the pool

I don’t know how, but I’ve managed to get lost in two pools so far this month.  I’ve become an expert at this topic, so I will share some of my tips with you.  Here’s how to get lost in a small public building:

  1. Don’t pay attention to any signs
  2. Get changed in a bathroom that looks like every other room in the building
  3. Remove your glasses and lock them in your locker
  4. Stumble out of weird locker room to meet your swimming buddies
  5. Swim till you are ready to puke from exhaustion and inhaling too much water

Tonight was my first time swimming at the Vancouver Aquatic Centre, and everything seemed to go well until the end.  After my workout, I wander back to the ladies room and look around.  Nothing looks the same.  I backtrack to ensure I took the same entry, and squint at every sign on my way back in. I wander around for what feels like forever, until I see someone. I squint and ask for help… seeing the fear in my blind eyes, she led me to the appropriate door.  Thanks for the kindness of strangers in the local pool!

If I’m having this much trouble finding my way at the pool, I don’t know how I’m ever going to find my bike in the transition area at Challenge!


Coach Rob!

I have officially received my first week of Training on Training Peaks. CR e-mailed me to warm me that it might look light, as he would like to get be on a build, recover and build some more… this week starting three days ago (Tuesday) to Sunday I have 5 hours of training to get in!

If this is light… I might need an extra few days a week. Anyone have an extra spare?

Does this mean I am a triathlete?

Saturday morning 6am… so tired! I am drinking my Greens Plus with caffeine to get my day started. We are off to a 90 minute spin class at Speed Theory.

Yesterday started at 5am with a speed work running 3.25 km. It felt great being out in the dark with the stars above. After a day of work we headed to the pool for laps. My first since the last summer.

I am worried… I made it one length 50 meters and thought how many do I have to do in August?

The answer: the equivalent of 38 lengths of 50 meter pool! (1.9km)

So tired!!!

A lifestyle, not a resolution

It is the time we make resolutions, and I would like to suggest that instead we adjust our lifestyle… Resolutions have the tendency to fail, and I am tired of feeling like a failure.

We started a tradition, a few years ago, to run on New Years Day as a way of kicking the new year off right.  This year’s obligatory “Resolution Day Run” was awesome!  We planned a route that we did alone, I went up over the Burrard Bridge over to the Cambie Bridge and back home.  D did the opposite direction, so we got to wave at each other in the middle.

My lungs felt fine and my legs were heavy by the end.  I did 10 and 1’s for a total of 8.52 km in 1 hour 25 min.  I treated myself with an audiobook for my journey.  My longest run so far!


New Years Eve

The year is coming to an end… 2014 is going to start with intention. We have looked into a coach and a club.  D and I will be joining The Steveston Athletic Association tri club and Rob will be our coach.

I am signing up to Anytime Fitness for cross training purposes and for additional accountability.  Anthony will be my health support for balancing hormones, inflammation, and nutritional support.  Jackie is my daily e-mail to document food and lifestyle choices in my day to keep us both on track for the year.

So this will be my year of change and I have a great team to support me!

So thankful!

The Holiday Hustle 5km!

We missed spin class yesterday, and took off to the coast for a visit with the family.

The 5km started with a small crowd.  I was in the middle of the pack and within a 1km I was alone.  I ran with ease slowly.  It was a cold morning and my lungs felt heavy through the run.

I came in third to last, with a time of 37 min.  D and R meet me near the end line and pushed me to run hard for the last 100 meter… it was great to see them!

First official run of the Challenge year completed!

Woot woot!