Training for a healthy life

What if I do not finish the challenge that I have put before me? I have been training as best as I can without compromising my relationships, work and down time. I miss at least a workout a week and still have not discovered the LOVE of running.

Maybe if I change my goal; I’m going to attempt the challenge half, but I am training to be a healthier 40 year old. I have been making lifestyle choices to bring me closer to this goal, and when I turn 40, I can look back and see that I have been doing my best to honour the body that I have been given.



Have you ever listens to music and start to think about how you heard in the fist place? Especially if if is obscure… ? Sigur Ros, introduced 10 years ago by a short term friend- turned long distance acquaintance and listening to it now 10 years later brings back fondness of what my 20’s. how much has changed? I drink less, sleep more, I have more questions about my future than answers ( 20 year olds have all the answers) however I feel that I am learning more about myself now than ever before.