Learning to lean into the dip (pre race report)

Training is hard, and on race day the success my training will shine through with a result of a hard day, I have been a bit lazy the passed few weeks workouts, and I know it will effect my overall day.

However I am not in it for just this day, I’m in it for the rest of my life. Triathlon is part of the bigger picture of health. As I continue to make a commitment to be a healthy adult (body and mind) I know that I will be hit with a dip. That part of the journey were there is a wall in front of me that if I want to be a super star I have to work through it, if that is what I want.

At 5:23 am on Sunday morning as I get ready for race number 2 of this journey I know that I will have fun, and I think that is all that matters!