Training for a healthy life

What if I do not finish the challenge that I have put before me? I have been training as best as I can without compromising my relationships, work and down time. I miss at least a workout a week and still have not discovered the LOVE of running.

Maybe if I change my goal; I’m going to attempt the challenge half, but I am training to be a healthier 40 year old. I have been making lifestyle choices to bring me closer to this goal, and when I turn 40, I can look back and see that I have been doing my best to honour the body that I have been given.



Have you ever listens to music and start to think about how you heard in the fist place? Especially if if is obscure… ? Sigur Ros, introduced 10 years ago by a short term friend- turned long distance acquaintance and listening to it now 10 years later brings back fondness of what my 20’s. how much has changed? I drink less, sleep more, I have more questions about my future than answers ( 20 year olds have all the answers) however I feel that I am learning more about myself now than ever before.

Learning to lean into the dip (pre race report)

Training is hard, and on race day the success my training will shine through with a result of a hard day, I have been a bit lazy the passed few weeks workouts, and I know it will effect my overall day.

However I am not in it for just this day, I’m in it for the rest of my life. Triathlon is part of the bigger picture of health. As I continue to make a commitment to be a healthy adult (body and mind) I know that I will be hit with a dip. That part of the journey were there is a wall in front of me that if I want to be a super star I have to work through it, if that is what I want.

At 5:23 am on Sunday morning as I get ready for race number 2 of this journey I know that I will have fun, and I think that is all that matters!