Falling off the wagon and fighting to get back on; Sun Run Race report

The day stared early at 6:30, a hearty breakfast of yogurt, cottage cheese, plums and hemp seeds, with a half bagel and coffee. The weather is overcast with a chance of rain.

We got to the start line in time to wait around for another hour… next year I plan on showing up an hour late 🙂 The run started with a slow moving mass at the start line, and I stuck to my plan of 10 minutes running (slowly) and 1 minute walk.  I found my stride once the crowd thinned out a bit and stuck to it.

I hour and 26 minutes later I heard Steve King at the finish line, I could imagine what it will be like when I cross the Challenge line in 3 months.  I bet I will shed a small tear when I do!

Completing the Sun Run was a good kick off to the outdoor season for me, I have been overworked in the past few weeks and my training has suffered for it.  I find it hard to balance the work life training game.

When I get home and I am  tired and it is raining or I just want to do nothing and the idea of suiting up for a run seems impossible how do I find the power to overcome the need to do nothing?  How people can do this with a family and a job is beyond me…



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