The end of spin:( Start of the outdoor season!

The indoor season has ended, and I have to thank Coach Rob (in the back) Jocelynn, D (taking the picture) and of coarse Speed Theory on 4th for the spin classes, indoor spin is a great way to get out the door on a cold winters morning and get the workout done. I am remained that community is an important part of the process.
When you train on your own, it is easy to let the self talk get you down. When you are surround with like minded people you feel the support/ competition/ need to feel like I can do it!

The next big step was signing up for a second race, a pre Challenge to get one tri under my belt, to have an understanding about the transitions and the race demands, The Victoria sprint in June has been booked… feeling a bit overwhelmed!

Also a shout out to Q energy for keeping me Awesome!

Off to do a run in the sun!



How to add a bit of yoga to my day

So I am not a huge fan of Yoga. I think it is because I need to do yoga, my mind is unable to calm down enough for the whole hour, and to be painfully honest I think being surrounded by all the supper slim and fit women and men makes me feel a little self consious!

So I found 5 yoga move that you should do every morning, I just did day one and so far so good! The moves are:
Back bend with side stretch
Forward fold
Tree pose
Cat -cow

The whole thing took 10 min, and now I feel ready to go swimming at 6:30 m!