A lifestyle, not a resolution

It is the time we make resolutions, and I would like to suggest that instead we adjust our lifestyle… Resolutions have the tendency to fail, and I am tired of feeling like a failure.

We started a tradition, a few years ago, to run on New Years Day as a way of kicking the new year off right.  This year’s obligatory “Resolution Day Run” was awesome!  We planned a route that we did alone, I went up over the Burrard Bridge over to the Cambie Bridge and back home.  D did the opposite direction, so we got to wave at each other in the middle.

My lungs felt fine and my legs were heavy by the end.  I did 10 and 1’s for a total of 8.52 km in 1 hour 25 min.  I treated myself with an audiobook for my journey.  My longest run so far!