New Years Eve

The year is coming to an end… 2014 is going to start with intention. We have looked into a coach and a club.  D and I will be joining The Steveston Athletic Association tri club and Rob will be our coach.

I am signing up to Anytime Fitness for cross training purposes and for additional accountability.  Anthony will be my health support for balancing hormones, inflammation, and nutritional support.  Jackie is my daily e-mail to document food and lifestyle choices in my day to keep us both on track for the year.

So this will be my year of change and I have a great team to support me!

So thankful!


Running in the rain!

Run complete!  We drove to the beach and did a 4.5 km run with 10 & 1’s.  I listened to an audio book, which kept my pace slow!  But with a few minutes left it turned to fast music, which sped up my pace to complete the run.

I am surprised I enjoyed running in the rain, maybe the tides are turning…

The Holiday Hustle 5km!

We missed spin class yesterday, and took off to the coast for a visit with the family.

The 5km started with a small crowd.  I was in the middle of the pack and within a 1km I was alone.  I ran with ease slowly.  It was a cold morning and my lungs felt heavy through the run.

I came in third to last, with a time of 37 min.  D and R meet me near the end line and pushed me to run hard for the last 100 meter… it was great to see them!

First official run of the Challenge year completed!

Woot woot!

The podcast

No run this morning.. I think I will pack for a run on lunch again..  must find some music this time!

Went for a slow 4km run through the trails at work.  I was plugged into the music which turned into a podcast… I enjoyed the podcast more than music!  It slows my pace down a bit and helps keep my pace steady.

Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga!!  Another great class… it was a hot with music at 6:30pm.  I made it my mission to leave work on time!   (With the help of co-workers telling me it was time to go home on time).

This class was a reminder that this is my class, if i can not do a pose… or I am tired, that I do not judge myself.  It is only me…

Sat in the sauna for 10 min.. sweat is coming slowing 😉

Running while I work

Slept in, missed the run in the morning.  I had the thought to dress for a run, so I packed my Garmin with the intention of going for a run while at work.

It was a busy day, between the end of the month and working with TELUS to get the phone line running properly, I was getting very overwhelmed.  Fortunately, I mentioned to my co-worker that I planned to run on lunch today, and the power of sharing that intention and the motivation she gave me… add in the sunshine, and I laced up and went for a 4km run!

It felt great!! I put on a podcast about creating great stories with our lives… a good reminder 😉

The work day ended late at 8pm… but taking that “me” time in the middle of the day was well worth it!

It’s December already?!

5km run then a walk around the neighbourhood for groceries.  Good run, sunny and not too cold.  I actually enjoyed it!

Hot yoga at 7:45pm… it was all about intentions for the month, class and breath…  I was advised to do 10 min 3x per week of the infrared sauna.  This was my first, and within the 20 min I was sweating just a little bit… even after the hot yoga class!